Here’s a pic of it when I started playing in that rock band.

Here’s a pic of it when I started playing in that rock band.

Here’s the Guild back when it had the black pick guard attached.

This is the Guild Savoy.  It’s my other number one. hahahaha…I took the black pick guard off when I started playing it in a rock band, that shall remain unnamed.  

I love the back of the neck, and the tail piece.  

This is my G&L Legacy standard.  I bought it in 1997.  It’s been the work hoss ever since. It was my school instrument as well.  Normally those are trashed after college and you buy your pro-instrument, but this guitar is so sturdy and nice.  

If you’re unfamiliar with G&L, it stands for George and Leo.  George as in George Fullerton, and Leo as in Leo Fender.  George Fullerton was the luthier that designed the very first Stratocaster and Telecaster.  Leo was responsible for the electronics.  The story goes that there was a no-compete clause or provision or something in the 1965 contract between Leo and CBS.  CBS bought Fender Instruments in 1965, and the quality dropped markedly.  That’s why pre-CBS-buy-out instruments are so coveted.  Anyway, after the term of the clause was up or some kind of new agreement was reached, George and Leo decided to start G&L Guitars.

They’re basically Fender custom shop hand-made, but for less than half the price.  I think I paid something like $900 for this new, but I’d easily pay 2500 or more to get a comparable Fender.  And Fender could only make such a guitar in it’s custom shop.  

I’ve heard that guitar bodies have to be 15% different in shape than the copyrighted Stratocaster and Telecaster bodies.  That’s how many brands get away with making guitars that look and sound very much like Strats and Teles.

I removed the back after it became obvious how extraneous it is.  Didn’t like the screw holes there so I just screwed them back in without the plate.  One has worn off over the years.  Reversed the input plate.  It makes more sense to me that way.  

One of my tone knobs came off.  I had a 1996 Fender Twin at the time that I’d bought new.  I had a few extra knobs from that, so I just slapped one of the lowest tone pot with a piece of rubber.  

Had the bridge set.  I didn’t like the dual-fulcrum whammy non-sense.  

I’m running 12s and 13s right now, but I tune down a whole step.

I love this guitar.